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Understanding a Web Developers Life

When we go online each day, we find ourselves looking at website after website oblivious to the way these websites came into being. We only see the images, texts, and buttons on a website and we dont see the many sleepless nights that web developers have spent in making this website come into being.

What is a web developers day like? This article will let us see what they experience in their work each day.

An important task of a web developer is to create a consistent user experience across browsers. This task is difficult since browsers like Firefox, chrome, edge, and explorer have codes that are read in different ways. So, results from the same code block can be different. One browser gets fixed but another gets undone as a result. But web developers succeed in this task because they dont ever give up.

A web developer can watch the most horrendous movies while completing his design work for a client. Whenever it is crunch time, a web developer can play the most awful movie on his TV and he will not mind it at all.

Clients are the hardest parts of a web developers life. He has to pleases them , no matter how insane their demands are. A client is someone who can pay a large sum to a web developer because he doesnt want to make his own website using do-it-yourself options.

If you make a pie chart of a web developers time, the biggest chunk of the pie is devoted to troubleshooting problems. Sometimes the last piece is the most difficult to solve. If they are able to solve the problem then it will be a happy day for them; otherwise, they throw the towel in.

Clients of web developers are super picky and it is becoming more severe. Beware if you are ambitioning to be a web developer. Be happy if you are out of the job.

There are many know-it-all clients who try to teach their web developer. Basic information for them is already profound insight. He thinks he is the only one who knows something but that something is known by everyone in the world. Since a client pays for his services, he gets all the insults from his clients patiently.

The biggest chunk of a web developers job is doing the final phases of the project. They find a lot of trouble in simple things. With helpful forums, web developers are able to solve their problems on time.

A web developer has little SEO tricks up his sleeves. But most of the SEO work is left to an SEO copywriter.

There are many ups and downs in a web developers life.

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